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Tematické hry

Tematické hry

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Thematic Games contain a strong theme which drives the overall game experience, creating a dramatic story ("narrative"). Some well-known examples are Battlestar Galactica, Twilight Imperium and War of the Ring.This type of game often features player to player direct conflict (with the chance of elimination), dice rolling, and plastic miniatures.A Thematic Game is usually created around its main dramatic theme, which its rules and mechanics aim to depict. This is contrasted with Strategy Games, also known as "Eurogames." Eurogames tend to be built around an elegant set of mechanics, with a more general theme (e.g. Power Grid or Agricola).Thematic Games are sometimes called Experience Games or "Ameritrash" games (meaning "American-style boardgames"). The latter name can be controversial, but is generally embraced by long-time lovers of this genre and not considered derogatory.