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Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Selling Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Box


Otevřeno Aktuální cena: 750.00 Kč, stále čeká na kupce  

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Typ nabídky: Klasická Měna: Koruna Nabídka se otvírá: 26. Říjen 2017 Nabídka vyprší: 24. Listopad 2017 23:00  

I live in Prague but I do not speak Czech.
I have bought an Arkham Horror The Card Game Core last week (20/10) but I did not like the game enough to keep investing in it, as such I want to sell it.

All the cards were sleeved as soon as I bought the game and I use an app for the token bag so the Chaos tokens were never used.

I am available to meet in person and show the game before selling it and I would prefer to make the sell in person than sending it via mail.

Price is negotiable and I can sell the game with sleeves for a small extra.

Please contact me in case you are interested.

Best regards